«National Coating» was established in Kazakhstan in April 2007 for providing inquiries of growing economy of Kazakhstan in professional management of industrial and civil objects construction, and qualitative paints and varnish production.

One of the key challenges has been access to international trade markets with innovative quality Kazakhstan brands, not conceding on the parameters of the world analogues, and on some characteristics of their superior.

In connection with the need of high quality and timely work performance, our company has entered into cooperation with a number of construction companies and currently the cooperation continues.

The result of such cooperation is the management of projects from the Customer's Plan to the delivery of the finished object "turnkey", which is the undoubted benefit of any Customer in financial and time terms.

In our assortment fire-resistant (developed with participation of Research Institute of Combustion Problems) and anticorrosive coverings, other paint and varnish production for a wide range of application, as well as structures for drawing a road marking. All products are certified, passed numerous tests, and corresponds on the characteristics to the best world analogs.

Our highly qualified specialists, specially trained and certified, can offer a full range of services: from engineering design and budgeting, to the actual high-tech application of any coatings, installation and high-rise works and will choose for you the coating system and methods of products application that will be guaranteed to fit the conditions of each specific object.

We see our mission in developing and producing the highest quality products and services at the level of the world's leading companies to meet the needs of Kazakhstan economy as well as foreign markets.

Safety, Durability and Environmental friendliness of industrial and civil facilities provided by National Coating is our business card and our contribution to the development of the country.

We guarantee quality, speed of work and optimal budget.

"If management fully or partially achieves the objective, embodies the expected results and achieves them through the optimal use of available resources, it is considered to be effective."

In addition, effective management requires the formation and maintenance of a high culture of behavior and leadership in the organization. Today, intra-organizational culture is considered the number one factor in competition. We fully agree with that.

High management efficiency in our company is provided by professionalism of personnel and managers.

Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations by providing them with only the highest quality products, highest quality standards and specifications, encouraging the company to continuously improving the skill of performing their duties.

Our products are certified in accordance with the Kazakhstan Republic legislation requirements.

Our products’ quality conformation is based on product testing. Accredited laboratory makes tests and issues the test report. This is the main document to issue the Certificate.

The main task of labor protection is industrial injuries prevention, occupational diseases prevention and minimization of social consequences. In other words, the main occupational safety objective is to ensure that each workplace is socially acceptable risk.

Health and safety is essential to the way we do business

We focus on creating safe workplaces, building safety competence and developing safety culture

Ensuring the health and safety of our people is fundamental to our long-term success and their professional growth within our business. This means not only complying with legal requirements, but also having systems in place to identify and minimize risks, prevent incidents and continuously improve safety.

We regularly conduct an employee engagement survey across the business, gathering employees’ views on their working environment, and our way of doing business and how they feel about the role, they are doing. These surveys tell us what we are doing well and where we can improve. They also help us identify opportunities to make the business more efficient and better motivate our people.

Communication is key to good labor practices

Did you know that one finger battery pollutes with heavy metals about 20 square meters of land, and for the manufacture of 300 office paper packs cut down about 10 trees…

If the garbage would not be destroyed or recycled then in 10-15 years, it will cover the entire planet with a thickness of 5 m!

Environmental problems have not spared and our favorite city of Almaty. Sources of pollution are emissions from vehicles and stationary objects. In Almaty, a large metropolis of Kazakhstan, at present, the issues of consumer waste collection and disposal organization solid waste have become more urgent.

We are serious about protecting the environment

Climate change is one of the biggest environmental challenges that the world faces today.

That is why we are committed to identifying, understanding and reducing the environmental impact of our business activities

We make sure we look into all aspects of what we do: on a large scale and a small-scale, from the way we source raw materials to the way we ship finished products.

Why it matters

Climate change does not just have an impact on the growing and harvesting of different crops, it affects the production of many materials that we use across our supply chain but also on the health of humankind and the planet as a whole.

We are continuously thrive to generate less emission and save costs – it is the right thing to do for both our business and the planet. We also aim to continually reducing the emissions associated with the fuel used by our vehicles.

We have significantly reduced the waste we generate and the quantity sent to landfill – we continue to identify possibilities for further reductions.

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